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We offer private label olives for our clients

About Us

Fenix I.C is a company founded in 2014 with a successful experience in food processing industry. It is one of the biggest processing plants in the region, with a surface of 24.000m2. It currently has a working capacity of 500 workers and two modern facilities that comply with all EU standards regarding food safety. 

The main products processed by our company are olives and anchovies for our International partners. Fenix I.C is a family owned and run business that is constantly striving to achieve customer satisfaction. Our core values are working with integrity, promoting social responsibility, respecting each other and assuring high quality products. With a family at its base of creation, we consider our employees a family as well and we constantly motivate them to work with passion and dedication.

We share the same values towards our same goal of assuring perfect quality of products and perfect working conditions. If you share the same values as us and looking for a serious business partner in this industry, you can contact us.




E852, Elbasan, ALbania

+355 68 202 9323